March 13th, 2008


(no subject)

 I've heard about the Miss Rumphius journal for a while but since poetry is still a wild and mysterious thing for me most of the time, this is the first I've ever participated in the poetry stretch.

You can see the inspiring image here
But I warn you. If you go look at it, you'll want to write something. It's a compelling image

And here's my poem:

I've got dreams.
You think I don't
That my dreams have been 
filled in
with mud daubs
and patched over with raggedy newspaper.

But I see colors 
blue hair ribbons
a double handful of sweet red grapes
and a pale dress swishing
like apple blossoms in the breeze.

And I've got feet
strong feet
good feet.
One day I'll run and run
to catch my dream.

Don't think I won't.