Jan Fields (cute_n_cranky) wrote,
Jan Fields

Magically Good Customer Service

Argh. Around Christmas, someone hacked our Kohl's account and ordered 6 blindingly expensive mixers to be shipped to our house ('cause, like, everyone wants a nifty collection of blindingly expensive mixers.) My husband called right away to report that we made no such order and was assured the charges were handled. The guy in customer service said crooks do this intending to score the "Kohl's cash," which is what they're after since the mixers were to be sent to our house. The customer service guy said he cancelled the order but warned some of the mixers might show up and we should just drop them off at Kohl's. That seemed like magically good customer service to me...I should have known better. Two mixers showed up. We dropped them off at Kohl's. Four more showed up and our Kohl's bill arrived with the charges for the 6 mixers that we'd been told were "handled." So my husband called again and was told it just took time for it all to be settled. The person on the phone said they'd send UPS to pick up the four mixers so we wouldn't have to drop them at the store and everything was going to be handled. No UPS came. We called again. Again we're told it'll all be fine and UPS will pick up the mixers. UPS did pick up the mixers. Today we got a statement saying Kohl's has decided the original order of 6 mixers wasn't fraudulent and it's going to be considered a valid order. Unfortunately...I'm waiting to hear that those first two mixers that we hauled back to Kohl's will end up being charged to us. Clearly we should NEVER have trusted the first customer service guys' assertion that it was all handled and we just needed to drop the mixers at a local Kohl's store. Honestly, I think it's a pretty good bet that we're going to see Kohl's demand that we pay for those two since we didn't get a proper paper trail with signatures of receipt. NEVER trust the magically good customer service. *sigh*

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