Jan Fields (cute_n_cranky) wrote,
Jan Fields

New Book Give Away

With the re-release of my first book WELLSPRING OF MAGIC and the release of the second book THE EMERALD DRAGON, I'm giving away autographed books, a one-of-a-kind doll dressed as one of the characters, and a handmade wood-burned bookmark. These books are for girls and I've gotten fan mail from girls from 5-to-10, though I think my readership tends to skew youngish for this set.

The story focuses on a group of girls who have become fast friends after their families move to a small neighborhood of old homes. An overgrown and slightly creepy park lies at the center of the neighborhood and the girls use one of the park buildings as a clubhouse. Through some mysterious gifts they receive in the mail, the gain access to a magical realm where they have special abilities based on the creative gifts of each girl. The stories are adventures with plenty of action.

To win the doll, books and bookmark, just tell someone about this series, then tell me [author@janfields.com] that you helped spread the word. I'll drop your name in the hat and draw for a winner on May 1st. (The official launch day of EMERALD DRAGON.)

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