Jan Fields (cute_n_cranky) wrote,
Jan Fields

The Power of Story

Without the power of story, you can only travel the roads you can reach. Without the power of story, you can only know the people you can meet. Without the power of story, you can only live a single human lifespan. Story allows us to see anything, meet anyone, do everything without exception. We can be young or old, good or evil, strong or weak. We can be the hero of a thousand tales.

I'm always telling myself a story -- always living slightly outside of the place I stand. Sometimes, I stop and I write them down and someone else can live out that story as well. In real life, I'll never be young and in love again -- but story can let me live a thousand loves. In real life, my battles are small and homely -- but in story, I can save a town or a world.

Without story, I cannot imagine the weight of a single life lived only moment by moment. Story gives me wings. I'll always be grateful for what story has done for me. And that's why making stories is what I choose to do. Whether I do it well or poorly, my stories offer yet another life for the reader -- another breath to the immortality that is the life of a reader. I'm pretty chuffed about that.

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