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We heard back from Holiday Inn corporate again last night since I had pointed out that the person they said would call/email us to try to "help" didn't call (not that I thought he would.)

Corporate said they talked to the General Manager of Holiday Inn Express in Hendersonville, NC. And he said he considers this just an insurance matter -- the insurance company assures him they won't need to pay, so he's happy. And corporate is happy. But they sure hope we'll choose Holiday Inn for our next travel needs.

It was that last little happy "hope you'll choose us next time" note that was the most annoying. I KNEW they wouldn't do anything, and that little "hope you'll choose us" is probably part of the form but still...what kind of idiot would I be if we EVER stayed in a Holiday Inn Express again?

So anyway, I realized I've learned something new. You don't have to be a mob inforcer to break someone's leg and get paid to do it. You can just be the Holiday Inn Express. Our little two night stay turned into a $1000 bill just by breaking his leg. This might be a possible money maker for hotels all over NC...after all, this is a depressed economy and all you have to do is put something in your guests path. Ignore the folks who stumble but don't actually get hurt. Then BLAME the guy who finally falls and gets hurt enough to be stuck in the hotel. Then hit them with the huge room bill.

After all, the tiny bit the insurance company plans to MAYBE pay won't come directly out of the Holiday Inn Express's pocket. They already paid the insurance premiums. But that big ol' room bill went right into their pocket. So...voila...they were paid to break a leg.

How neat is that? Maybe the Holiday Inn Express should write it up as an SOP. The lawyer told me there are only four states where this could happen. I should find out what they are and send the list to Holiday Inn Express corporate so they can send a memo to the hotels in those states -- this could be a money making opportunity for them. Who cares about the welfare of the patrons?


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Jan. 26th, 2011 05:56 pm (UTC)
Ick. Ick, ick, ick.

So sorry, Jan. Can you go higher? Keep at them?
Jan. 26th, 2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
They're fairly clear on their lack of interest in doing anything. Really, at this point, I'm going to focus on getting the word out so I know I've at least warned people. A lot of writers travel and they need to know about this. A simple two day stay turned into thousands of dollars out of our pocket because the hotel ignored a hazzard they certainly must have known about (considering how many folks in the hotel mentioned stumbling on it to us unasked when they saw Mark's leg/wheelchair). I think folks need to know that about Holiday Inn Express and need to tell friends and family. I want to know this won't happen to anyone I'm capable of telling about it. Maybe other chains wouldn't care any more than Holiday Inn did...but at his point, the one company I KNOW doesn't behave as if they care is Holiday Inn.
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