Jan Fields (cute_n_cranky) wrote,
Jan Fields

Well, I was self-Googling this evening because...well, because I do that sometimes in the dark night of the soul. Anyway, I found a homeschool group talking about the evils of the book I wrote for the Creative Girls Club and warning one another about it. Now, I like homeschoolers and I've worked with homeschool groups so this is not sneer at homeschooling. I've met terrific, brilliant homeschooled kids.

But, I digress. Apparently the folks in the group wanted to be sure to police their mail in case my little book of ultimate evil should slip through the mail into their homes. I mean, yeah, the book has magic so if you really hate magic -- I get that it's evil 'cause it has magic. I've known a lot of all magic=evil folks. Heck, I've known people who wouldn't allow The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe because it's chock full of good and bad magic and thus evil.

But if you don't just hate magic outright, I'm probably confused about the evil thing. The book is all about these girls who go through a portal to a magical world where they fulfill their destiny of bringing back the wellspring of good power to the world before evil twists everything to the death and destruction of all. So, since it's sort of a good overcomes evil thing, I have to assume it's just magic period that's the problem.

I hope so. They didn't even mention the sad tendency toward the clunky prose which is probably the real evil lurking in there.

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